Frogger (The Official)


Atari Version by John Harris


1) Remove cartridges from slots.
2) Connect joystick.
3) Place diskette in Drive 1.
4) Power up system.
5) Press "start" key to begin game.


1) Remove cartridges from slots.
2) Load cassette into recorder.
3) Press play button.
4) Turn computer on while pressing start button.
5) After 1 beep, press return.


1) Move frog vertically or horizontally using joystick.
2) Object is to safely maneuver frog to its home within allotted time (120 beats of the timer).
3) Cross highway without getting run over and cross river without falling in.
4) Avoid traffic, deadly snakes, otters, crocodiles, and the treacherous diving turtles.


For each forward jump: (10 pts)
Safely arriving home: (50 pts)
Beating the timer: (5 pts per beat saved)

Bonus points

Escorting home a lady frog: (200 pts)
Gobbling an insect: (200 pts)
Getting all five frogs home: (1000 pts)

Special features

Toggle music (not sound) - select key
Replay game - start key
Fast/Slow - option key

An extra frog every five levels
Sound control is through the monitor

Music and otters not available on cassette version.