Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of Pulsating Pectorals

Easter eggs

Al Lowe and Bill Skirvin make several cameos in the game. At one point they are at the cabana, checking out the bra of a bypassing lady. On another occasion they sit at a table in the Comedy Hut.

When Larry leaves the showroom after his performance, he is so pleased with the money he earned that he makes the following reference.

Sometimes Elvis or Roger Wilco sit in the piano lounge. Talk to Roger or "Help Elvis" for a funny comment.

When playing as Patti, you can enter the Chip 'n Dale's without paying the doorman. Just type "suck cock" and enjoy the smirk on his face! You do not get points for it though.

At the end of the game, Larry and Patti end up in the studio of Sierra Online. After passing the set of Police Quest, a room with gadgets (referring to the Black Cauldron, Manhunter, Larry 1 and other Sierra titles), and the Space Quest set, they meet Roberta Williams who is shooting the whale tongue scene of King's Quest IV.