Mixed-Up Fairy Tales


As the game starts, you are in the library. Bookwyrm appears from a book and asks for your help. His fairy tale book is all mixed-up. All the tales have lost their names and now nobody can read them any more. You jump in the book and travel to the Land of Fairy Tales. As you explore the land you will run into characters - human or animal. If you guess the title of the Fairy Tale they belong to by clicking it in the fairy tale book, the Fairy Tale will commence and you have to ensure the story makes it to the end. Meanwhile the malicious Bookend will try everything to prevent you from doing so.

Unlike most classic Sierra adventures, the game features just 2 icons: a "look" and "do" icon. The "do" icon is used for picking up items, talking and moving. When talking, make sure not only to click on the person or animal you are interacting with, but also on yourself!

In total there are five Fairy Tales that need to be solved and those can be done in any order. The map below can help you finding the locations as you progress. There is also an in-game map. You start your adventure in Bookwyrm's house. Click the hand icon on the bottom of the screen to go outside. You are in the center of the map (3C)

Snow White

Go to C4 to find Snow White and talk with her. She's looking for the Dwarves' house.
Select Snow White from your book and she'll follow you. Bring her to 1E.
After saying goodbye, go to 1C - Snow White is asleep, poisoned by the evil queen. Talk to the dwarves who ask you to find Prince Silver.
Go to 3D, talk with Prince Silver, untie him and return to Snow White.

Bremen Town Musicians

Go to 2C and talk with the rooster. He was chased away by Bookend and needs to find the way to his friends (a cat, dog and old donkey) at the crossroad.
Select the Bremen Town Musicians from your book and escort the rooster to the crossroad at 3B.
Go to 3C and talk to Bookwyrm to learn the cat is hiding south west. Go to 2D, talk with the cat and escort him to the crossroad at 3D.
Talk to Bookwyrm again and he will tell the dog was chasing Bookend. Go east twice to 5C, talk with the dog and escort him to the crossroad. Talk with the animals to find out Donkey is somewhere near where the cat was.
Talk to Bookwyrm once more - the donkey is somewhere south-west. Go to 1D, release the donkey, talk with him and bring him to the crossroad at 3B.
You will follow the musicians to the hut at 5B and look inside to discover two thieves who flee the moment the musicians start singing.


Go into town to 2A. Talk with the girl - she wants to go to the ball in the castle to see Prince Charming, but her stepmother made her work all day, so she didn't have time to prepare and can't go.
Select Cinderella from your book. The fairy godmother arrives and asks you to find a pumpkin.
Head to 1D, get the pumpkin and bring it to the fairy godmother.
Go west (the night has fallen) and you witness Cinderella running away with Prince Charming calling her to come back. He finds her slipper, but Bookend snatches it away and runs off.
Follow Bookend, get the slipper and return it to Prince Charming.

Beauty and the Beast

Go to 1B and talk to the woman. She is waiting for her father to return with a rose and asks you to help find him.
Select Beauty and the Beast from your book.
Go to Bookwyrm - he tells you her father is at the gate of the Beast's Mansion, south of his house.
Go to 3E, talk to the father, enter the maze (4D), get the rose, and bring it to him. Beast appears and demands Beauty's Father to bring his daughter to him. Talk with the Beast.
Go to 2C, talk to Beauty and bring her to the Beast.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Go into town to 3A and talk to the boy. Bookend hid his bag of magic beans.
Select Jack and the Beanstalk from your book.
Head to Bookwyrm - he tells the beans are somewhere in the south-east of his home. Go to 5D, get the beans and return to Jack. He'll plant the beans over the wall and climb the giant beanstalk.
Go to 4A to find Jack in a panic - he lost his axe and the giant is climbing after him as he took some of the giant's stolen treasure.
The axe is in a random location near 4C- get it and bring it to Jack.


Talk to Bookwyrm - Bookend stole his book.
Go to Bookend's cave at 5E. Bookend wants to burn the book. Bookwyrm scares him and gets the book back. Bookend confesses he hates books because he can't read. Bookwyrm agrees to teach him to read and everybody is happy ever after.