Torin's Passage

Easter eggs

On the wall of the Bitternuts' home in Escarpa hangs a portrait of Elvis Presley.

The skunks' names are a reference to the Lucasarts stars, Sam and Max.

Sometimes Indiana Jones will swing by and fall into the lava of Asthenia. Probably a reference to the feature film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Behind the stage curtain in the theater in Tenebrous, you can hear several performances:
- Girl in the Tower (from King's Quest VI)
- the Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist theme
- the Leisure Suit Larry theme (which quickly ends with a cymbal crash and Al Lowe sputtering "B-b-b-but? Aww..." and a walk offstage)
- Cellblock Love (from Leisure Suit Larry 6)
- Consumite Furore, the Phantasmagoria title song
- The music from King Rupert's home in Escarpa.

In the chamber of crystals in Lycentia's house in the Nullvoid, the characters imprisoned inside the crystals are Hotaru (from Sailor Moon), Darth Vader & Yoda (from Star Wars), Charlton Heston (from Planet of the Apes), and Al Lowe.

Use the bagpipes on Lycentia after entering her house to get a personal message from Al Lowe.