Ecoquest 1: The Search for Cetus


Inside the animal care center
Adam meets Delphineus
That yacht surely leaves a trail of garbage!
Finding the way to Eluria
Eluria in the distance
The Elurian Court Yard
The temple
Meeting the Oracle
The council room and pillars puzzle
The Royal Garden
Also the fish apartments need a clean-up
Narcissus' apartment
Epidermis' apartment
Hippocrates' apartment.
Erroneous' apartment
Gregarious' apartment
The fisherman
Olympia's apartment
A large head statue in the coral reef
The coral reef
An octopus lurks in the dark hole.
A broken submarine rests on the sea floor
A hidden pirate cave
A dark cave marks the end of the reef
Web of bones
Loose stones have been stacked
The source of the pollution found!
Divers go investigate the the location of the waste
A whale hunter! The harpoon rope is still attached.
Caught in a net, circled by Flesh Eater
Adam hears cries of a whale
Cetus is dying...
Attempting to enter Cetus' mouth
Flesh Eater waits for his prey to get exhausted
The final battle
A triumphant return
Adam is the hero of the day
Delphineus bids Adam goodbye