Quest for Glory 1 (EGA): So You Want To Be A Hero (a.k.a. Hero's Quest)

Easter eggs

Game bug

At the main menu, right click on the scorpion to find the first "bug"

Guild hall

Look at the moose on the wall for a reference to Sierra's prop department. Moose heads have in fact been used several times in Sierra games: in Lefty's Bar in Leisure Suit Larry 1 (AGI), in Manannan's dining room in King's Quest 3, and possibly other games.

Look at the Antwerp on the wall. The Guys from Andromeda is a reference to Space Quest creators Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe.

Guruka's Peace

Look at the stone in Erana's Peace several times to get a reference to Guruka Singh Khalsa, producer of the game and practitioner of Yoga.

A submarine in Spielburg

Enter the screen of the Mirror Lake a second time for a submarine to appear. Look at it for a reference to Code Name: Iceman.

Erasmus, collector of Sierra props

Many of the items in Erasmus' entrance hall are props of other Sierra games:
- the airplane refers to Lytton PD from Police Quest
- the coffin could refer to Dracula's coffin in King's Quest 2
- the sarcophagus refers to the mummy's sarcophagus in King's Quest 4 (and pictures Rosella as a hieroglyph, see image below).
- the peacock on the table also refers to King's Quest 4
- the suit of armor refers to Laura Bow: The colonel's Bequest
- the shield refers to Conquests of Camelot
- the onklunk refers to Leisure Suit Larry 2

Talking Bear

Talk to the bear for a plug-in about the Talking Bear in Oakhurst, California, where Sierra had its headquarters.

Those cursed developers!

Go on the graveyard at night without using the undead unguent to be killed by the ghosts. The death message refers to artist Kenn Nishiuye.

Random pixels

Right-click with the mouse at random places on the screen (looking at nothing of importance to read various funny messages. One of them is a reference to the upcoming Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire.