Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon


Title screen
The designers
Roger's disfunctional pod
A robot detects Roger's pod
Roger's pod is being pulled into the ship
Roger wakes up after a long sleep
Roger finds himself in a junk freighter
Some familiar ships are trashed here
Using a bucket conveyer as elevator
About to get chopped to bits
A control room
Driving the grabber
Transporting a warp motivator
Placing the warp motivator in another ship
A rathole
Mugged by a rat
Climbing through the statues eye
Roger enters the other ship
The ship needs to be fixed first
The ship's computer
Blasting a hole to escape
The computer's radar screen
An assassin is sent to find Roger
Flying to Phleebhut
Arrival at Phleebhut
Landing spot on Phleebhut
Arnoid the Annihilator Android
World O' Wonders
Introducing Fester Blatz
Arnoid captures Roger
Arnoid gets caught by the alien pod
Monolith Burger
Docking at Monolith Burger
Ordering a meal
Roger eats his Monolith meal
Astro Chicken!
Playing Astro Chicken
An encoded SOS from the Andromedans
Arrival at Ortega
Arrival on Ortega